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My Coding Bootcamp Odyssey - 2 weeks to lift-off

My Coding Bootcamp Odyssey - 2 weeks to lift-off

Stepping it up and counting down

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Rich Keyzor
·Oct 4, 2021·

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With 2 weeks until the start of the bootcamp, it's starting to get real. This week I thought I would do a little interview with myself.

Who are you, Rich?

I am a married man, living with my wife in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. Until recently I was a part-time customer delivery driver for Waitrose. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering (from a couple of decades ago) but did not pursue a career in that area. I first started using the Internet & web about 20 years ago.

What interests you?

Coding, of course! Also Tech4Good, mapping/geolocation, climate change, protecting democracy. I'm interested in how I can apply my coding/tech skills to these areas.

What do you know now?

Basic JavaScript, HTML & CSS, a (very) little about making a map on the web.

What have you learned so far on the precourse?

The importance of having a solid grasp of the basics and problem solving.

What's been hard?

Not over-thinking things. Keeping it simple and then refining - I tend to jump ahead too much.

What has been fun?

Connecting with my future bootcampers on Slack and actually completing the problems we have been set.

What are you doing next week?

The PRE-2 section of the precourse which introduces regular expressions 🤯 and functional programming.

I've also signed up to the OS Map & Hack but not sure how much time I'll have for that!

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